Abstract 7138

a final serie to end 2020

Painting is an act of discovery for me, so from time to time I take the time to experiment and discover new methods or materials. Ik begin by asking a question, for instance: how much chaos can I make and still have a balanced painting in the end. Or: can I paint a painting in …

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Abstract 7150: it takes a village

It takes a village …

In juni 2021 I became a first time grandmother. A very special occasion. So I made an artwork for my granddaughter on a wooden panel of 61x122cm that is hanging in her bedroom. My inspiration was the expression ‘It takes a village …’. The first layers of the painting are a collective project. They contain …

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Abstract 6051 small limited palette

Why buying art is a good idea

Art is more than decoration: art relects something of yourself, maybe something that’s missing in your life. You can’t say it in words, but you can feel it. Art makes a home of your house because it shows your unique personality, it adds something of yourself to a room. Art is good for your mood. …

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