Encounters in abstraction: a duo exhibition of Els and Christel

Encounter in abstraction, a duo exhibition

Friday 15/10/2021 was opening night of our duo exhibition in Kunstcentrum De Wasserij in Lokeren.  Luckily there were no covid restrictions and we could invite people for opening night. 70 people came for a visit. We received some press coverage in Het Laatste Nieuws, Het Nieuwsblad en De Zondag. Organising an exhibition was a first

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Abstract 7150: it takes a village

It takes a village …

In juni 2021 I became a first time grandmother. A very special occasion. So I made an artwork for my granddaughter on a wooden panel of 61x122cm that is hanging in her bedroom. My inspiration was the expression ‘It takes a village …’. The first layers of the painting are a collective project. They contain

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