My story

You often find a dominant abstract shape in my paintings that contrasts sharply with the colored and transparent areas around it. My compositions emerge from a complex layering of painted and adhered color fields and textures.

I want to create an engaging and surprising whole, in a dance with coincidence, chaos and order, light and dark, similarities and differences. The end result is always an abstract painting, free for interpretation.

My inspiration comes from the beauty of decay, as found in old houses and industrial heritage, or in natural settings like desert landscapes.

I hope my paintings invite you to come closer and be surprised by what has emerged.

Christel Foncke abstract kunstenaar
  • Berlaars Salon 2024 in CC Berlare: September – October
  • Kasteel Borluut: group exhibition: 7-8 september 2024
  • Waasmunster academie, end of year exhibition 2024
  • Galerij Pi Kwadraat, Dorpstraat 75 , Erpe-Mere: june 2024
    open by appointment
  • ‘Multiple’ in Kasteel Blauwendael Waasmunster: May 2024
    Open sat-sun
  • Manna Kunsthuis Brugge from 27/01/24 until 06/04/2024
  • MC Art Gallery Gent December 2023
  • Kunstenroute Lak@rt: aug-sept 2023
  • Lier Vleeshuis: June 2023
  • Waasmunster academie, end of year 2023
  • Sint Niklaas group exhibition SteM Zwijgershoek: Feb 2023
  • Berlare CC: solo exhibition 11/09/2022 until 16/10/2022
  • art@feys Art Festival Brouwerij Feys: aug-sept 2022
  • Zele Oude Post Galerij De Rode Loper Avil Geerincklaan 5, group exhibition from 07/05 until 19/06/2022
  • The Art2Life International Juried Art Exhibition: 24/08/2021-23/08/2022
  • Antwerpen Nobody & Friends Volkstraat 62-64, group exhibition aug-sept 2022
  • Antwerpen Nobody & Friends Volkstraat 62-64, group exhibition: 3/3 until 27/03/2022
  • Lokeren, Artcenter De Wasserij 15/10/2021 tot 24/10/2021: ‘Encounters’ a duo-exhibition with Els Van Steendam
  • Berlare: Berlart kunstroute indoor: July-August 2021
  • Waasmunster academy, end of school year exhibition 2021 in Lokeren, Art Center De Wasserij 06/2021
  • Waasmunster academy, exhibition end of school year 2018 and 2019
  • Berlare ‘Stay at home’ sept-dec 2020
  • Lokeren Artheek 2018 en 2019
  • Berlare CC – mei 2020
  • Berlaars salon 2018
  • Berlare Christmas exhibition 2018


  • 2022: Mark Eanes: The language of design
  • 2022-2018: Academy Waasmunster: painting
  • 2021-2020-2019: Nicolas Wilton – Art2Life Creative Visionary Path Online Art Program
  • 2021-2020: Alice Sheridan – Connected Artists Online Art Business Program
  • 2020: Marc Eanes: The language of color
  • 2019: Pamela Caughey: Powerful Design Personal Color
  • 2018: Jane Davies – Online Course Black and white
  • 2017-2018: Academy Deinze: Digitale imaging 1 year

And …

Tom Barman’s choice, musician and frontman dEUS and filmmaker
My profile on and an article about my translations (dutch)


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