Architecture Of A Dream

My whole life I felt a strong longing to create, but it took me until I was 57 before I discovered the artist in myself.

It started with what I love: patterns, shapes and experimenting with materials. That set the stage for more.
I find inspiration in myself and my environment and how I perceive the world: the beauty of nature, air photo’s of landscapes, architecture, but also the uglyness of old, worn out buildings. The connection between past, present and future is very important to me, so that is showing in the evolution of my work. Every painting builds on the previous and sets the stage for new work.

Painting is my way of communicating with the world, process what is happening and express what is hard to say in words. In my studio I forget about time and the chaotic world. The most important is the process of the making.

Beauty gives me hope, inspiration and a sense of connection and it makes me happy to inspire others with my paintings.

Current exhibitions

Joint exhibition

  • Waasmunster academy, end of school year exhibition 2021 in Lokeren, Art Center De Wasserij 06/2021
  • Zurich 4/1/2021 – 30/04/2021: Artbox.project world 1.0: digital exhibition
  • Waasmunster academy, exhibition end of school year 2018 and 2019
  • Berlare ‘Stay at home’ sept-dec 2020
  • Lokeren Artheek 2018 en 2019
  • Berlare CC – mei 2020
  • Berlaars salon 2018
  • Berlare Christmas exhibition 2018


  • 2022-2018: Academy Waasmunster: painting
  • 2021-2020-2019: Nicolas Wilton – Art2Life Creative Visionary Path Online Art Program
  • 2021-2020: Alice Sheridan – Connected Artists Online Art Business Program
  • 2020: Marc Eanes: The language of color
  • 2019: Pamela Caughey: Powerful Design Personal Color
  • 2018: Jane Davies – Online Course Black and white
  • 2017-2018: Academy Deinze: Digitale imaging 1 year

And …

Tom Barman’s choice, musician and frontman dEUS and filmmaker

My profile on and an article about my translations


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