affordable art as ideal end of the year gift

2020 is a strange year, not a year like any other, a year dominated by the covid-19 pandemic. It’s a year in which we came to realise how important our loved ones and friends are, for our physical and our mental health. I for one am very glad I have painting to distract me. Otherwise it would have been much more difficult to cope with reality.

Art gives hope, comfort, connection and so much more.

Everyone of us finds something in art that fills a need. I get it through the painting process. You as a viewer could find something that makes you happy or brings back a happy memory.

The holiday season is coming closer and we don ‘t know if we can celebrate them with our family and friends. Original art can be an ideal gift in these circumstaces, for that one special person who means so much to you or maybe for yourself.

Affordable original art

De bigger part of my collection is affordable art at prices ranging from € 160,- tot € 500,-. With your purchase of a work priced less than € 200,- , you support the art community. Read more about it in Artist Support Pledge.

I invite you to make a choice in my collection. You can mail me or buy through the website. If choosing is difficult, you can also buy a gift voucher and make a choice later on.


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